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Saving hundreds (or thousands) per month

Just saved a borrower over $1,000 per month by refinancing!
Talking with another borrower that was turned down by a big bank that didn’t have the necessary loan program for her situation – looking at saving this borrower over $2,000 per month by paying off high cost consumer debts! Being a broker offers many options not available elsewhere.

$135k cash out AND monthly payment lowered by $600

There are still some great refinance opportunities – just ask my client that recently received over $135k cash out AND lowered his monthly payment by $600! Or better yet, give me a call.

Check out this “shout out” I just received from a very happy realtor that works with me

John McNulty just named to the Foundation For Personal Financial Education

Great news! – John McNulty was just named to the Foundation for Personal Financial Education (FPFE). FPFE is a private non-profit (a 501c3) group comprised of seasoned financial professionals dedicated to enhancing “fiscal fitness” via workplace seminars at public and private companies, government offices and educational institutions throughout San Diego. To schedule a seminar at your workplace or for more information, visit or call me at (619) 200-4532.

Check out what this long time client says about his past experiences with Bay Shore Mortgage