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The markets are now predicting a 90% likelihood that the fed will raise rates in eight days – due to consumer and business optimism, unemployment data etc.

We’re closing loans at ridiculously low rates. Many borrowers are eliminating mortgage insurance much more quickly than anticipated due to strong appreciation in San Diego real estate.

Huge savings by refinancing FHA loan!

Increasing home values helped us refinance a client out of their FHA loan and into a conventional loan – saving them over $700 a month by eliminating the mortgage insurance and lowering their interest rate!

Rates Are Dropping

The ten year treasury has dipped below 2% today and mortgage rates are following suit. A window of opportunity has opened – give me a call if you’d like to evaluate your options.

Saved my client $2,000 per month!

Just closed a refinance that consolidated consumer debts and reduced my client’s monthly outflow by over $2,000!
Many clients are also opting for 15 year loan terms which can save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.